Template Change Log
Version 1.0
Uploaded to Template Gallery May 2011
  • No Updates
  • Removed from Template Gallery in February 15 , 2012
Version 2.0
Uploaded to Template Gallery February 27, 2012
Version 2.0.1
Updated March 12, 2012
  • Added Change Log (1 Page)
  • Added Version Number on Launch Page
  • Updated Launch Countdown Document - Item 00 - "Read this First"
    • Added "Know Your Version" paragraph
    • If you don't have a Version Number on your Launch Page you are 2.0 or earlier. 
  • Added Items 15, 16 and 17 to Launch Countdown page
  • Updated Launch Countdown Document - Item 09 - "Creating and Using Forms"
    • Added Section 4 in case the form doesn't display properly per section 3 instructions
Have an Older Version?
When you used the Google Sites Template to create your new website you copied the version as it was on that day.  Any changes (improvements) made to the template (after that time) will not be included in your new website.
Occassionally you should click the "Cub Scout Template" link in the footer of your website and check the Template Change Log page for changes or improvements.  You might find something you would like to add to your website or find a bug fix.  This is one reason why I request that you leave the link to the template in your footer.
Do You Have Something to Contribute?
If you made improvements to your website that others might find useful, please send a link to your page to pack000.template@gmail.com and I will consider adding it to the current version of the Template and update this page to reflect the improvement.