Website Protection

Helotes Scout Pack and Troop 888's first concern is the protection of personal information pertaining to our youth members.  In order to protect our children, Pack 888 strictly follows all BSA (Boy Scouts of America) rules concerning website safety for your children.  The BSA has adopted COPPA (the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act) to help provide security to our members. 

COPPA Quick Point Guidelines
  • Public Disclosures: No information will ever be published on this website without prior parental approval.  Even then, the only "information" that would be posted may be a picture and a first name of the Scout as a caption (First names are usually not needed, mainly just pictures of the "Scouts being Scouts").
  • If information is posted that a parent wants to be removed, it will be removed upon request of the parent.
  • Personal Identifiable Information about youth members will NEVER be posted including (but not limited to): Full names, addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers.
  • No information will ever be sold.
  • Any collected information will be readily available to ONLY the Webmaster and the Cubmaster.
  • COPPA Website

In addition to all COPPA requirements, Pack and Troop 888 abides by BSA's general guidelines for websites.  They are as follows:

BSA Unit Website Guidelines
  1. The content of the unit site must be appropriate to the Scouting movement.
  2. The unit site cannot link to any sites that contain material that is not appropriate to the Scouting movement.
  3. The unit site should not contain any advertisements or commercial endorsements.
  4. The unit site cannot engage in the electronic sale of BSA Supply Division merchandise or competing products.  (The links on the sidebar are to our officially sanctioned BSA store and the BSA online store!)
  5. The unit site cannot replicate any BSA publication currently for sale through the Supply Division.
  6. Unit sites must abide by all laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property, and by those pertaining to the Internet.
  7. Unit sites must consider the safety and privacy of their members and participants by obtaining the necessary permissions to release information about or images of any individual.
  8. Unit sites cannot engage in fund-raising except as directly approved by, and under the supervision of, the local council.
  9. Boy Scout's of America Unit Website Guidelines